Spreader 2050P

Spreader 2050P

Professional spreader wagon from EarthWay. This spreader is ideal for land owners for an area of up to 7.000m².

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Delivery weight: 5.000000kg

Do you have a medium or large meadow with ground waves and hills?
Then the 2050P real estate broadcast spreader is the answer. The EarthWay® exclusive EV-N-SPRED® 3-hole drop shut-off system and heavy-duty transmission ensure uniform application of all granular materials with professional results. The fingertip rate control allows for easy control and balance of materials. The stainless 80lb / 36kg funnel and 10 "pneumatic curve roller tires bring a smooth operation to the homeowner. To make the right setting rate for each product easy, we include a rate calculation matrix for use with all today's granular products including organic materials to help you The 2050P is the perfect choice for today's grass enthusiast.


  •      36 kg capacity in the plastic container
  •      EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop distribution system
  •      10 "/ 25cm air tire on plastic rim
  •      Epoxy powder coating
  •      Extra strong transmission
  •      Optional 3-sided Salt Deflector
  •      Optional rain protection
  •      fully assembled
  •      Dosage table included
  •      5 year warranty
  •      Lifespan Technical Support
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