Melocont Pilzgerste

For the biological control of the May beetle in the grassland, ornamental plants, tree schools, forestry, arable, vegetable, fruit and viticulture

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The effective natural opposer of the May beetle, the fungus Beauveria brongniartii infects exclusively the forest and meadow mice (all development stages). The conidia (asexual spores) adhere to the host's surface, germinate and penetrate the germinal tube through the cuticle into the body's interior. The insect is about 3 - 14 days after the infection. After the death of the landlord, the fungus forms a dense white aerial mycelium outside of the insect with sufficient soil moisture and air supply and colonises cavities in the ground. The cicooks are infected exclusively by contact with the conidia of the fungus. In the case of a high spotted cattle population density in the soil, the fungus can sufficiently multiply by the hosting of the host in the soil, so that the May herp population collapses at the latest in the second generation. Low egg density leads to a lower infection probability. This can be compensated by repeated application of Melocont fungi.

Contents: 3 kg (loss of weight can occur by evaporating the water.)

Note: Due to the weak self-packing, the product is re-packaged so that no loss of goods occurs in case of transport damage.

Application: 30 - 50 kg / ha, no more than 150 kg / ha, maximum 3 applications / year, 60 days apart.

Active ingredient: Mushroom BEAUVERIA

Use plant protection products carefully. Before use always read the label and the product information.

Austrian Plant Protection Registration No: 3806
Federal Republic of Germany Approval no. not registered

The mushroom bar is excluded from the return right!
Indication Farming 1.03.17 to 28.6.17
Indication Greenland 20.2.17 to 21.6.17
Indication Viticulture 01.07.17 to 28.10.17

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